happy birthday my king of hell
Many people misinterpret the Fool, believing its message to signify absurdity or moronic behavior. On the contrary, the Fool is a symbol of the Creator, the All That Is, or however you envision deity. He symbolizes the trickster aspect of divinity.
we've both wandered through life with an air of carelessness and no genuine sense of direction (relationship-wise), much like the fool. then we found each other, in all of our mess and the lil white pooch is one of us keeping the other grounded and protected from unknowingly walking off the cliff.
With one hand aiming skyward and one pointing at the ground, the Magician is the symbol of manifestation, of bringing things from the spiritual or psychological realm into the physical one. The power flowing through him is the power of creation.
every single day i question what it is that you are exactly, i'm sure it isn't human but perhaps you are a magician. you've a unique and powerful energy, i feel it whenever i'm near you. anything i wish for, you provide without me saying as if you've used some ehtereal magic.
The High Priestess indicates that you are seeking more esoteric knowledge, experiencing a spiritual awakening. The attainment of such wisdom requires discipline. Look for the subtle meanings beyond everyday events. Trust your instincts.
the priestess truly conveys the meaning you give every moment, beyond the mundane events that i'm often surrounded by. you encourage me to pull the most important thoughts, or emotions, that i've otherwise kept buried somewhere deep inside me (wink)
The Empress teaches you to use loving, caring ways to accomplish your goals without losing your power. You must put your heart and soul into your undertakings, and cultivate your talents, but retain your control over the situation. Do not let yourself become either too easily swayed or too inflexible.
this sort of explicitly expresses how you treat me, the amount of love and passion you dedicate towards caring for me. i've never missed how infrequently you've acted this way towards others and even in your, ahem, talents, you never fail to show that side to me.
The Emperor indicates an authority figure. His garments are red, the color most often associated with Mars, and symbolize passion, vitality, and aggressive actions. His sceptre, symbol of his power and dominance, is aimed upward, indicating aspiration and readiness.
this... seems relatively simple in regards to you. fuck with louis? you'll fight someone. you're hella protective and it's one of the sweetest traits you possess. you are firm in what you care for and would literally go to war if any other force messed with anything you have endless compassion for.
The Hieophant imparts his knowledge to those who are willing to listen, kneeling before him to receive the gift of his wisdom. He blesses them, with his upright hand forming the sign of benediction.
i adore listening to your thoughts and wits or knowledge about any topic. it wouldn't be a crazy idea to listen to you speak for literal hours cos i was hoping you would let me do that sometime. i've so much left to learn about you and everything you know, we certainly have time for it. ps i love getting on my knees for your 'gift of wisdom'
The Lovers card symbolizes relationships, and harmonious interaction. Love is playing a crucial role in your life right now, and a decision may be weighing heavily on your mind. Look to your heart, and decide what it is you truly desire, what you need to make yourself whole.
now that i'm going to throw up :) this tarot is clearly ours. currently, i am looking at my heart (an anatomically accurately depicted version which i'm sure you'd eat) and the 'what' that makes myself whole, the thing i desire most is, and always will be, you youyouyou.
An armored man stands in an elaborate chariot, drawn by two sphinxes. One black, one white, they symbolize the positive and negative forces the charioteer has learned to balance and integrate. Above his head, a canopy of stars, indicating his travels beyond the mundane world.
the descriptions frequently describe the world as mundane, how i'd describe my own if you weren't in it. our relationship is drawn by two pups (oliver is in the chariot obv) and we've learned to balance the positive and negative aspects of our relationship quite flawlessly.
The red lion symbolizes anger, rage, and violence. The symbol over the womans head is the sign of infinity, reminiscent of a halo, and denotes her spirituality and her enlightened mind. You may imagine the two figures on the card as the two sides of yourself: the woman is your superego, and the lion is your id.
sometimes i'm the lion and other times i'm the angelic being soothing your anger. we balance each other out and find sanctuary being together. all my stress and rage disappears when you cast your magic (callback!!!) on me.
The Hermit signifies guidance. This may be your own Higher Self speaking to you, or it may be advice given to you by a trusted friend, or a seasoned professional. It is wise to listen to the wisdom offered, and to your own gut feelings, in the present situation.
i mean ??? this is some bloke who seeked his own wisdom atop a snowy mountain so i'm going to translate this as; i am the hermit and you are the mountain, lantern, and staff. you guided my journey to wisom and provided a destination. you're quite important.
The Wheel of Fortune indicates situations in your life that are coming to a close, as well as new opportunities coming to replace them. Major life decisions and milestones are coming, and some have just passed. Things you set in motion some time ago are beginning to bear fruit.
you've been present for just about every majour event that has taken place in my life the past year, and i with yours. the biggest being the start of our relationship, so we are bearing fruit. i can't berry-ly contain how much olive you, from my head tomatoes.
the hanged man hangs by his ankle from a T shaped tree. The calm expression on his face and the fact that his hands are hidden behind his back indicate that he is not struggling; he has chosen to do this to gain enlightenment, symbolized by the halo around his head.
what may resemble suffering could be interpreted differently at a closer look. we may look like we are eternally suffering but nope! look again! i seek happiness and enlightenment in the struggling i endure having to be around you all the time. you are my hanged man. ps this looks like a hannibal artpiece.
Death signifies intense change, and most people do not welcome change. In its most positive guise, Death heralds a chance to start over, a second chance in relationships, or a time of major growth. If viewed with a negative outlook, Death can indicate the unexpected, and deep rooted fears of the unknown.
now onto the morbid cards!!! you fucking kill me, i.e death. but, besides that, i'm glad you've killed all my fears and hesitance when it comes to relationships. feels like i've started a whole new life when you came around.
Temperance indicates a need for moderation in your present situation. To bring things back into balance, you must seek common ground with those involved, and rather than react defensively, act calmly. Speak your truth evenly, without too much anger (fire), without being too wishy-washy (water).*
*temperence is vastly reflecting on the past. it's cos of you that i've learned balance and moderation, how to control myself if a situation isn't working to appease me. i am tempermental but, yknow, less so now that i've you around.
the Devil is a long, hard look at our darker selves, and a reminder that if pushed to the side and allowed to fester in darkness, our dark sides only grow more grotesque, and erupt when we least expect them. If you fear that you have not fully accepted the parts of yourself you dislike, don’t lock them away. Bring them, slowly and safely, into the light.
i'd previously expected to just say 'you're fucking satan' but true to life, you've brought out any darkness i've possessed and turned it into light. things i may not love about myself are loved by you.
The phenomenon that “bad things” happen in threes, or other multiples, is a reality, and you may feel the rug of life being pulled out from under your feet. Like the Tower, you feel you have been struck from out of nowhere. Sometimes, a fire is needed to clear out dead wood, and clear space for the fresh seedlings that will someday be a great forest.
this card is highly irrelevant. 1) neither of us are a building and, 2) i'm too happy right now to reference you to it. maybe it's telling us to become pyromaniacs and burn trees down? weird.
The Star is the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana, it represents your hopes and dreams. Go to the source within your mind and heart, and replenish yourself by freeing your spirit. Allow your true self to shine through. Immerse yourself in the things that bring you joy, and inner peace.
you are literally my entire solar system but more specifically that single star i spot every night, just a few glows brighter than the rest. you shine in every way and instill hope, fulfill any dream i need to acheive. also, 18th card, 18th day. important.
When the Moon appears in your present, things are not as they seem. Deception of one’s self, or from another, is strongly indicated. Extreme caution when dealing with others is advised. New information comes to you, possibly in dreams or through a vision. Accepting the darker, wilder side can bring peace; denial only brings chaos.
well, fuck that interpretation. you are my moon, you pull my tides and light my darkest nights and you are the prettiest thing in all the sky. there's also two dogs? admiring the moon? how connor and rocco admire you??? my lil spacey thing.
The Sun signals a personal rebirth. You may feel that light is finally returning to your life. Obstacles have been surmounted, filling you with a new sense of happiness. (etcetcetcetc) If you are currently in a committed relationship, The Sun can indicate a proposal of marriage.
The Sun can indicate a proposal of marriage. The Sun can indicate a proposal of marriage. The Sun can indicate a proposal of marriage. The Sun can indicate a proposal of marriage. The Sun can indicate a proposal of marriage. also technically the 20th card???
The World is a card of unlimited potential put into experienced hands: the opportunity of a lifetime. Its image literally states 'the sky’s the limit'. If you have been waiting for your chance, this is IT. The benefits indicated by this card are as limitless as the cosmos it represents.
oh man. i don't even need to keep searching for my world, i've seeked it all out beyond the sky and found you. my world is you and everything amazing in mine is cos of what you've provided for me. the things i choose to accomplish from here on out will be with you by my side. <3